Our upholstered beds guarantee comfort and a good night’s sleep. Created with the use of the latest technologies, they delight with their original appearance and high quality of workmanship. When creating them, we made every effort to spoil the aesthetic tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Upholstered beds for the bedroom are pieces of furniture that are hard to pass by indifferently. They are associated with great luxury, made of good-quality fabrics with a soft texture, they will make even the biggest night owls sleep better. The design of our furniture will fit both modern, minimalist interiors and classic, elegant arrangements. All of them have an upholstered headrest, which will fulfill its function perfectly, when, for example, you plan an evening with watching the movies.

By creating the bedroom beds, we took responsibility for the owner’s relaxation, sleep and rest. All this made us decide to create furniture that will not only be beautiful, but also comfortable. Our beds are equipped with a solid frame, and some of them also have a bedding container. Most of them are produced in several sizes: 140 × 200 cm, 160 × 200 cm or 180 x 200 cm, thanks to which they can be used in even a small bedroom.

If you like to take a part in the design of your furniture, you will surely be pleased that some models of our beds have several types of legs. Tall, low, wooden or metal – the choice is yours.

On our website you will find examples of arrangements made with upholstered beds in our offer. Manhattan will be perfect for a large glamour-style room, and Glame and Rea will be perfect for simple, warm bedrooms. Do you dream of a modern bed? Bet on the Fly collection.

Are you wondering where to buy a bed? Choose a specific model and check the tab: Where to buy. After clicking, you will see a map with all the stores that offer a bed from the collection of your choice.

View all upholstered beds. You will find them in the collections: Flores, Fly, Glame, Harlem, Karo, Manhattan, Rea.