We have a recipe for a good space. The main ingredient is a cornersofa with a sleeping function. Add to this timeless design, proven forms and high-quality materials, and we get a cozy center of family and social life. And what is special about this, is the ability to adapt to even the most demanding interior.

We don’t like compromises when it comes to arranging space. Even more. We like to have a lot of possibilities. This is where the cornersofa enters, which can be an enclave of family life during the day, and in the evening become a flourishing social life. And when the meeting with loved ones becomes longer, you will be able to use the sleeping function without the need for an additional guest room.

The hidden power of the cornersofa with and without the sleeping function is very high-quality fabrics, thanks to which, you no longer have to worry about stains or cat’s claws. And you can focus on choosing the fabric that will best fit your concept of the interior. Will it be jacquard, chenille, or maybe a stylish leather upholstery? We have over 1,000 colors and textures of fabrics, so there is a lot to think about. As a family member, you perform many functions every day and you want the same with your furniture. This is not a challenge for our cornersofas. The rules are simple. You choose modules and combine them the way you like. It’s not everything. Are you planning to work, or maybe, it is going to be a family movie night? Move the backrests, adjust the headrests and the cornersofa caters to your needs. Or maybe you dream of a carefree atmosphere in the evening? Brew your favorite tea, open an interesting book and try the relax function in our cornersofas.

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