Until recently, pouffes were associated primarily with an element of decoration for children’s and teenagers’ rooms. Colorful, small in size, they served the playful kids to play together. Our pouffes for the living room can be used as a complementary element to the selected piece of furniture or become a completely independent piece of furniture. Incredibly comfortable and soft, they can be a place to sit or act as a footrest. When creating pouffes for sitting, we realized that apart from this obvious function, they should also fulfill a role. Some of them have been equipped with a storage compartment, which can be a great place for storing less needed accessories. The container is mounted inside the pouffe, so it is not visible to other people, and it will easily help you keep order. You can find all our poufs in the collections: Barcelona, Belize, Kelly, Life, Modo, Mocca, Mula, Oland, Orlando, Imperio, Taboo, Wing, Reggio, Edit, Carmen, Hampton.