Choose functionality and intriguing design


Choose functionality and intriguing design


Choose functionality and intriguing design


Refined form and style

We have created the Avivo collection for lovers of home relaxation. The remarkable line and simple solutions made the corners ideally suited to any arrangement. We have focused a lot of attention on additional functions which, combined with the compact dimensions of the furniture, create a solution for everyday rest.

What distinguishes the collection Avivo

Small sizes

Even in a small apartment, you do not have to give up a comfortable corner.

Sleep function

Create a comfortable place for your guests.

Adjustable headrests

Enjoy your comfort.

Comfort at your home.

From now on, having a limited space is not an obstacle. The Avivo collection will change the interior of your home, without taking up an extra space. Let yourself be taken care of, by creating the perfect place for everyday relaxation.

Functionality and design

We believe that the good design not only can but, above all, should go hand in hand with functionality. That is why our corner sofas are equipped with a sleeping function. A small apartment and the lack of the guest zone, from now on won’t be a burden from spending long evenings together with family and friends. We also thought of an extra storage space, such as container, for bedding and blankets.

We like original solutions, therefore creating the Avivo collection we focused on distinctive style and form. Although, the furniture will look great both in the minimalistic interior, as well as in the one full of colors and decorations.

Comfort of use

We realize that a home is not only the furniture, but most of all, the people who live in it. Having that in mind, we have made possible for you to select your preferable fabric. Regardless of whether you are allergic, or you own a frisky pet, the Avivo collection is available  in a wide range of fabrics and materials, that will certainly meet your expectations.


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