A collection with a character will satisfy with arrangement possibilities


A collection with a character will satisfy with arrangement possibilities


Belize delights like a bird of paradise

The Belize collection is a combination of an intriguing style and designer accents. When creating it, we took care of the smallest details, thanks to which it impresses with its appearance and arouses interest like a rare bird of paradise.

What distinguishes the collection Belize

Relax function

Choose items with practical relaxation.

Two types of sides

Choose the one that suits your interior.

Modular collection

Create the perfect space with ready-made modules.


Design leads the way 

The Belize collection distinguishes by an innovative approach to good design. We made sure that every detail pampers even the most sophisticated tastes with its aesthetics.

Relaxation, elegance, functionality  

The Belize collection, thanks to the available relaxation function and movable headrests, creates an ideal space for long and unhindered relaxation. Regardless of, whether you are watching your favorite movie alone or enjoying a social meeting, you can indulge in blissful relaxation at any time.

We know the importance of ergonomics, so in the Belize collection you will find corner sofas with a sleeping function and an additional storage space in the form of a large container. From now on, the lack of a guest area will not be a problem.

Arrange it your way 

Belize is a modular collection. You can choose from elements consisting of footrests, armchairs and self-creation modules of furniture. Thanks to them, you can build your dream corner sofa without fear that it will not fit into the living room or other chillout room.

You can also choose from two types of armrests. Depending on the amount of free space and the style in which you have arranged your apartment, you can choose the one that will perfectly match the interior. The collection is available in a wide range of colors, so you can easily find a fabric that meets your requirements, including materials resistant to pilling or easy to clean.


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