Royal comfort in a small size


Royal luxury for you

Give yourself the right to a bit of luxury and check how comfortable a compact corner sofa can be. Adjustable sides and comfortable backrest cushions will take you to the world of fairy-tale rest.


What distinguishes the collection Luccia

Adjustable sides

Provide yourself with a comfortable space to rest.

Sleeping function

Turn your favorite corner into a comfortable bed for your guests.

Storage container

Lack of space is not a problem. Hide unnecessary items in a handy container.


Great convenience in a small package

When creating the Luccia corner, we listened to the needs of the owners of small apartments. The soft backrest, adjustable armrests and a comfortable seat cushions will allow you to relax after a long day, and the compact dimensions will ensure that you will not have to give up accessories that emphasize the individual character of your home interior.

Functionality, design, comfort 

We realize that functionality, especially in a small apartment, plays a key role. That is why we have equipped the Luccia corner with a sleeping function and a storage container. These two amenities will make your home a real piece of furniture for special tasks, which will benefit family and invited guests.

We do not accept any compromises, which is why in the Luccia collection functionality is combined with amazing aesthetics. The furniture is distinguished by an extraordinary design that cannot be passed by indifferently.  

Create your own kingdom

Do you dream of a cornersofa where you can rest after the whole day? We have created one in which you will immerse yourself in your favorite book and spend a nice Saturday afternoon with your loved ones.

We believe that people create a warm atmosphere, not square meters, so we understand that your kingdom may differ from those presented in the catalogs. That is why the Luccia collection was created, to  decorate every kingdom, both modern, minimalist and a real home.