Designer furniture for those who focus on minimalism


Designer furniture for those who focus on minimalism


Designer furniture for those who focus on minimalism



Fall in love with the simple and noble line of the MULA collection

Incredible lightness, simplicity, but fancy – this is how we can describe the MULA collection, which will work well in any interior.

What distinguishes the collection Mula

Kompaktowe wymiary

Brak miejsca już nigdy nie będzie przeszkodą.

Wygodne oparcie

Zaokrąglone oparcia foteli MULA, zapewnią idealne podparcie dla Twoich pleców.

Mechanizm obrotowy

Korzystaj z fotela w dowolnej pozycji bez potrzeby przedstawiania.


A breath of fresh air at your home

The MULA collection will provide a breath of freshness in any interior it is placed in. Ideally, suited to the living room, office or … a crazy teenager’s room. 

Modernity, filigree, design

MULA armchairs are delicate pieces of furniture that will complement many interiors with their appearance. Incredibly comfortable, they will serve as an armchair in a modern living room or enrich many  rooms for teenagers.

The modern design will make them fit for both minimalist and austere interiors, as well as those decorated in the art deco style. They can also be an attractive complementary element to the already existing collection of lounge furniture.

A little padding

When creating the MULA collection, we dreamed of creating small-sized designer furniture that could be adapted to any interior. The multitude of colors in which they appear and the possibility of combining them make the collection additionally truly individual.

We know how important accessories are, which mostly create the character of the whole house. This time, the MULA armchairs or pouffes can be such a complement. The swivel mechanism makes them perfect for desk work, whether you have a large home office or a small writing desk in the corner of your bedroom.


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