Made from love to designer forms


Made from love to designer forms


Lively and energetic like Cuban salsa

Let yourself be amazed by the modern design of the Salsa collection, which combines originality and unusual form. Be carried away by the aesthetics that will surely delight your family and guests.

What distinguishes the collection Salsa

Adjustable headrests

So little is enough to relieve a tired neck.

Sleep function and a practical container

You no longer have to worry about a place to sleep for your guests.

Decorative leg

The wooden leg will work in both modern and traditional arrangements.

Like salsa, it combines many forms  

We decided to create a bold collection that will delight you with its modern and non-obvious shape. Simple backrests, adjustable headrests and wooden elements are a true design mix.

Courage, trendy, fashionable  

We like unconventional solutions, which is why we took a great pleasure while creating the Salsa collection. The seemingly simple shape has been broken with wooden accessories, thanks to which it will perfectly fit into any interior.

We know that besides functionality, design is also important. The Salsa collection combines both of these features, creating a unique whole. The cornersofa and the sofa are equipped with a sleeping function, thanks to which you or your guests will spend the night comfortably, and the built-in practical containers will be used as storage.

Get carried away 

Your home is a space where you and your family should feel the best. With this collection you can give up conservative solutions and get carried away by unusual ideas. Combining an incredible comfort and large relaxation zone, giving your back a rest, and delighting your guests with furniture that they will not see in another home. Choose to be different.

When creating our collections, we also put a huge importance to the quality of workmanship. Specially selected fabrics that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users and make the sofa automatically a place of relaxation that you will use for many years to come. Regardless of whether you have children, allergy sufferers or you are the owner of a pet, you can easily choose a fabric that will match your wants.