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Corner sofa with sleeping function Davos


5 940 

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  • Delivery time: 5 - 8 weeks
  • 24-month of guarantee
  • Free samples of fabric


Modular collection

Available in leather

Sleeping function

Product details

The massive Davos corner sofa will work especially well in a spacious living room that lacks a large and cozy lounge furniture. The Davos corner sofa plays an important role during social gatherings – it provides soft seats, optimal backrests and wide armrests that allow guests to take the most comfortable position.
The Davos corner sofa is a universal piece of furniture made of several modular elements – we encourage you to combine them yourself in order to obtain extraordinary equipment with practical features. Depending on the selected fabric, the Davos corner sofa fits both modern and classic interiors. It can look completely neutral thanks to the soft color of the fabric or attract attention thanks to its intense color that gives energy.
The Davos furniture line includes various variants of modular elements from which original corners are made. It is worth supplementing them by creating a set with a sofa and an armchair. You can equip each of the furniture with a mobile headrest.

Comfort level

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  • Width 272
  • Depth 97
  • Height 85
  • Seat height 45
  • Seat depth 56
  • Sleeping area- width 120x207
  • Lenght 217
  • Legs height 6.5

Additional functions
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  • Movable headrest no
  • Ajustable backrest no
  • Movable headrest additional option
  • Combination of different fabrics no
  • Contrasting stitching no
  • Manual sleeping function yes
  • Relax function no
  • Modular collection yes
  • Storage no
  • Available in leather yes

More informations
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  • Legs height 6.5
  • Furniture weight 147
  • Construction of the backrest silicone-foam mixture
  • Construction of the seat polyurethane foam / corrugated spring
  • Type of the wood in furniture conifer tree
  • Construction of the sleeping function corrugated spring/pianka
  • Type of backrest cushion filling silicone-foam mixture
  • Type of sleep function delphin
  • Number of seats 5

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