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Sofa with sleeping function Austin


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  • 24-month of guarantee
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Highly elastic foam

Combination of different fabrics

Corrugated spring in the sleeping function



Product details

Meet the Austin sofa with a sleep function, which comes with a bedding container, two loose cushions and metal legs. We have created this model for people who are looking for a universal leisure furniture with a day and night function.
The Austin folding sofa owes its timelessness to its simple and geometric form, thanks to which it fits into the needs of many interior trends. While trends pass, our sofa delights for years in living rooms, day rooms and guest rooms.
When designing a sofa with a sleeping function, we created a large container that you can use to store not only bedding, but also bedspreads, blankets and other everyday items. The advantage of this model are backrest cushions filled with feathers. While resting on the sofa, you can lean on comfortable cushions that will support you in any position.
The Austin series includes many variants of sofas, also without the sleeping function. By combining different models with each other, you can create an original corner sofa.

Comfort level

Choose your favourite (preferable) level of comfort. The more feathers you see, the more comfortable is the piece of furniture you see.

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  • Width 266
  • Depth 93
  • Height 88
  • Seat height 43
  • Seat depth 55
  • Sleeping area- width 140x200
  • Lenght -
  • Legs height 15

Additional functions
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  • Movable headrest no
  • Ajustable backrest no
  • Movable headrest no
  • Combination of different fabrics yes
  • Contrasting stitching no
  • Manual sleeping function yes
  • Relax function no
  • Modular collection no
  • Storage yes
  • Available in leather no

More informations
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  • Legs height 15
  • Furniture weight 130
  • Construction of the backrest polyurethane foam / upholstery straps
  • Construction of the seat polyurethane foam / highly elastic foam / corrugated spring
  • Type of the wood in furniture conifer tree
  • Construction of the sleeping function corrugated spring / polyurethane foam
  • Type of backrest cushion filling plumage
  • Type of sleep function 3DL
  • Number of seats 3

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