Bed Flores 180

LOZ.180 DW + STL.32_180


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Explore our extensive personalization options and feel how your imagination blossoms by creating your dream bedroom bed in a glamour style! The beautiful Flores bed delights with its design due to its elegant headboard, which has an interesting shape. It attracts attention with a metal application and does not allow you to forget about yourself thanks to stylish upholstery buttons. When ordering Flores bed, you can specify the color of the fabric and its features. Personalizing the bed in a glamour style also includes the legs.
By personalizing the fabric, you can be sure that it will match the legs, which we have designed in two universal variants: wooden and metal. The wooden version is available in several shades, and the metal version is finished with a chrome coating.
The Flores bed line also includes models with built-in storage, which are characterized by a larger headboard. Orders with this type must include a special Wajnert brand frame; in other cases, our brand frame is optional.
* the price does not include the mattress


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