Bed Rea 180

LOZ.180 DW + STL.32_180


1 780 

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The price is for a bed without a mattress. If you want to choose mattress, please contact one of our showrooms.

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Choose the original Rea upholstered bed. In this model, the width of the mattress is 180 cm, so it will be perfect for the bedroom. Despite the dimensions of the bed, its shape is light, because it is not equipped with an additional container. The whole design is emphasized by beautiful wooden legs. If you like to read in bed, you will surely like the soft and effective headboard. It emphasizes not only the elegance, but also the convenience of the design. In this model, you can choose from three types of frames. Thanks to this, you will always match the components that will meet your needs as much as possible. Rea upholstered beds are our response to the growing need to introduce functional furniture into the bedroom. You can choose from a wide selection of fabrics. Create a piece of furniture that will match your interior. With the furniture from the Rea collection, you will create a fashionable bedroom of your dreams.


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