Bed with container Flores 140

LOZ.P140 DW + STL.P50_140


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Offer details

The price is for a bed without a mattress. If you want to choose mattress, please contact one of our showrooms.

Product details

Are you arranging a small bedroom and wondering about the size of the mattress for the bed for two? The optimal width of a double mattress is 140 cm. Such sleeping area is suitable for the fashionable Flores bed in a glamor style. We have equipped them with a magnificent headboard that brings to mind baroque splendor. This unique bed will stand up to the task in a small room, it will help you stay out of mess thanks to the built-in storage space.
The Flores double bed with a bedding container combines a wide and smooth frame with an impressive headboard, that is characteristic in shape and has luxurious decorations.
You can choose between wooden or plastic legs depending on whether you prefer a natural finish or a chrome finish.
The Flores collection, inspired by the glamour style, also includes beds without a container. This model is characterized by a lower headrest, a narrower frame and tall legs.

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  • Width 158
  • Depth 213
  • Height 112
  • Seat height -
  • Seat depth -
  • Sleeping area- width 140x200
  • Lenght -
  • Legs height 1.5

Additional functions
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  • Movable headrest -
  • Ajustable backrest -
  • Movable headrest -
  • Combination of different fabrics no
  • Contrasting stitching no
  • Manual sleeping function -
  • Relax function -
  • Modular collection no
  • Storage yes
  • Available in leather no

More informations
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  • Legs height 1.5
  • Furniture weight 149
  • Construction of the backrest -
  • Construction of the seat -
  • Type of the wood in furniture conifer tree
  • Construction of the sleeping function -
  • Type of backrest cushion filling -
  • Type of sleep function -
  • Number of seats 2

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