Bed with container Rea 140

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The price is for a bed without a mattress. If you want to choose mattress, please contact one of our showrooms.

Product details

Rea upholstered bed is a perfect complement to a bedroom with character. The size of the furniture is the smallest in the series. Thanks to this, the product is not only convenient, but also compact. The bed is equipped with an additional container that gives it functionality. In addition, beautiful wooden legs emphasize the uniqueness of the furniture, and the soft headboard makes the Rea line not only elegant, but also creates an atmosphere of coziness. For this model you can choose several types of frames, equipped with gas lifts with different density of spring strips. And you already have a recipe for full regeneration. Rea is a compact upholstered bed for the bedroom that will ensure you a good night’s sleep. Its small dimensions classify it as a comfortable piece of furniture for one person or a compact solution for a couple. Wooden legs available in many colors will emphasize the delicate form of the whole, and the container allows you to store, for example, an additional set of bedding. They are available in various sizes, with or without an additional container. For each bed, you can also choose a frame that meets your needs, which will translate into the best fit of the furniture.

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  • Width 152
  • Depth 212
  • Height 98
  • Seat height -
  • Seat depth -
  • Sleeping area- width 140x200
  • Lenght -
  • Legs height 2,5

Additional functions
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  • Movable headrest -
  • Ajustable backrest -
  • Movable headrest -
  • Combination of different fabrics -
  • Contrasting stitching -
  • Manual sleeping function -
  • Relax function -
  • Modular collection -
  • Storage yes
  • Available in leather no

More informations
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  • Legs height 2.5
  • Furniture weight 143
  • Construction of the backrest -
  • Construction of the seat -
  • Type of the wood in furniture conifer tree
  • Construction of the sleeping function -
  • Type of backrest cushion filling -
  • Type of sleep function -
  • Number of seats 2

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