Corner sofa with sleeping function Modo



4 890 


Highly elastic foam

Sleeping function

Corrugated spring in the sleeping function


Comfort level

Choose your favourite (preferable) level of comfort. The more feathers you see, the more comfortable is the furniture.

Product details

The Modo folding corner sofa with a chaise lounge is a stylish and practical addition to your interior. The furniture has a sleeping function, so it can quickly become a comfortable place to relax for you or your unexpected guests. Thanks to an additional container, the fold-out corner will help you organize the space perfectly. Useful functions combined with modern design create an elegant and timeless piece of furniture. Another advantage are the classic wooden legs, which make this piece perfect match for both classic and slightly more modern interiors. In addition, full comfort and convenience are due to the components that we used to create this corner sofa for the living room. In the Modo collection you will find not only fold-out corner sofas, but also sofas, armchairs and pouffes. Together, they create lounge sets that are famous not only for their timeless design, but also for full comfort of use.


Additional functions

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