Corner sofa with sleeping function Life

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Are you looking for a multi-functional corner sofa that will play the role of a double bed and a storage room for any everyday items, not only an additional bedding? If you want a luxurious piece of furniture with a folding function, quilted back cushion and ergonomic headrests, choose a multi-segment model from the Life collection. In this variant, we decided to use metal legs with a chrome finish, which look elegant and contrast well with the massive structure.
The design fold-out corner Life is equipped with a leopard system. How it’s working? All you have to do is gently slide the seats out, lift them up and pull them forward again, so that the corner transforms into a large sleeping area for two. The described unfolding mechanism is simple, quick and takes only a moment. Folding up the bed in the morning is also smooth. The Life corner sofa fits both the living room where your loved ones sleep, and guest rooms that must have universal equipment.
Do you care about a lounge furniture with a natural leather upholstery or do you prefer ecological fabric made during the recycling process? The personalization options meet the many different needs of our customers. Take into account the fact that the corner is a piece of furniture that is used intensively, so it is highly exposed to numerous stains. In this aspect, an easy-to-clean fabric is a great choice.
The extensive Life collection allows you to complete an original living room set, consisting of a corner sofa or sofa, an armchair and a pouffe.

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