Investment customer service

Investment customer service

Investment customer service

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We equip hotels, guesthouses, apartments, restaurants and other public buildings.

We equip hotels, guesthouses, apartments, restaurants and other public buildings.

We offer furniture according to the individual customer’s design, which is made to measure and thus requires deeper analysis and technological knowledge. Our team is ready to act in order to present the best solutions in accordance with the client’s budget. Typical elements of equipment include: beds, mattresses, headboards, wardrobes, TV sets, desks, chairs and kitchen cabinets. We approach each project comprehensively and we are open to a wide range of services.


Our portfolio also includes hotel furniture collections. The furniture is designed in accordance with the standards of commercial use in terms of safety of use, required certificates and high quality guarantees. An important argument for our clients is the fact that ready-made collections are a solution that optimizes costs and delivery dates.

We equip hotels, guesthouses, apartments, restaurants and other public buildings.

How do we work?

We are a young, dynamic, well-organized team of people with passion. A team of our specialists from purchasing, technology, construction and production departments are involved in each project, and when coordinating the Project Manager, they propose optimization of solutions.

The knowledge acquired during many projects allows us to perfectly verify the project in terms of requirements, needs and possibilities in terms of quality and finance. In order to finally accept the standard of execution, we present a model room.

We have a qualified team of installers, thanks to which we complete projects on time.


BB OLD TOWN Piotr Biliński
The Wajnert Meble company showed great flexibility in the price selection of furniture, while maintaining the standards of the chain and high quality of products. Good communication with the Wajnert Meble team and the timely implementation of the project allowed us to open the hotel on schedule.
As part of the order, Wajnert Meble equipped 59 hotel rooms with furniture from the Reno collection. The works were completed smoothly and the furniture was assembled on time. Therefore, we can recommend Wajnert Meble as a reliable and trustworthy company.
RESTAURACJA BIAŁY DOM Stanisław Leonard Swoboda
The Wajnert Meble company has equipped our hotel with lounge furniture. The order was handled quickly and efficiently. The furniture has been produced correctly, in accordance with the standards required by hotel facilities. We recommend Wajnert Meble as a proven partner.

Cooperate with us

We know that thanks to the decor, including the furniture we make, the owners of the hotels, guesthouses or apartment building want to create a unique place to which guests will be happy to return and which they will recommend to others. Our many years of experience and attention to detail guarantee investors to create a comfortable and perfect place for relaxation. Our specialists will advise, help and develop the best solutions.

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