Design combined with clever functionalities


Design combined with clever functionalities


Surprising as the Cali collection

The Cali collection will transform a living room into a bedroom or a playroom for children in a few moments. Do you dream of a unique place to relax? These furniture pieces will meet all your needs.

What distinguishes the collection Cali

Unprecedented softness

Zanurz się w wyjątkowo miękkiej kolekcji Cali.

Two mattresses to choose from

Wybierz jedną z pianek, dopasowując komfort do swoich potrzeb.

Combine of fabrics collection

Combine two fabrics and enjoy the original solution.

Choose comfort for yourself

When creating the Cali collection, we made it possible for you choose the right mattress for your preferences. The one filled with high resilience foam based, will optimally adjust to the ergonomics of your body, and the visco foam will remember the shape, while giving you a feeling of softness and pleasant coziness.

Small, subtle, unique

The Cali collection is small-sized upholstered furniture. Thanks to this, it will perfectly fit into the interior of your home, regardless of how much free space you have.

Creating the Cali collection, we made every effort to ensure that it will impress you with its ergonomics. The sleeping function with its spacious bedding container will allow you not only to provide sleeping place for your guests, but also to facilitate storage

Let yourself be seduced 

The Cali collection seduces with its unique design and delights with its elegance. The possibility of mix and match fabrics makes the furniture extremely original and keeps up with the needs of the family.

Giving a style to the furniture means not only aesthetics, but also functionality. We made sure that the Scandinavian design goes hand in hand with comfort and utility. Thanks to this, the Cali collection is perfect for many situations, turning your home into a place to relax or play with children.