A collection that enriches your bedroom with unmatched comfort


Enrich your own oasis of peace with the Fly collection

The bedroom is a place of relaxation and calmness. This is where we end a hard day and start the next one with new energy. The bed is the epicenter of this room, so it should be comfortable, functional and tasteful. The entire collection meets these requirements.


What distinguishes the collection Fly

Possibility to choose a frame

Adapt the bed to your requirements

Additional options

Choose a bed with or without a container.

Two types of legs to choose from

Match a wooden or metal leg to your dream bed.


An oasis of peace at your home 

Create a pleasant sanctuary in your own bedroom. The comfortable and soft headrest will help you relax and forget about the whole day.

Class, elegance, comfort  

A classic bedroom decorated in light, warm colors wrap with its softness and invites you to unfettered rest. Often, it is the only sanctuary where you can hide and forget about the whole world, even for a while.


Creating the FLY collection, we imagined a comfortable and soft bed in which you can sink and relax. Pleasant materials and delicate, contrasting stitching will complete the whole, slightly emphasizing the individual style of the collection. Here, nothing is exaggerated, and nothing is extravagant. We give you space to ease your emotions.

Fly away with the Fly collection

The beds from the Fly collection were created primarily for the sake of comfort. We have also thought of additional functions that can certainly make your everyday functioning easier.

Duży pojemnik pozwoli przechować, nie tylko dodatkowy komplet pościeli, ale również inne, mniej przydatne rzeczy. Nie musisz martwić się o kolejną szafę ani szukać miejsca do przechowywania. Wybierając kolekcję Fly zyskasz znacznie więcej niż Ci się wydaje. 


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