Savings in a form that adds elegance to any interior


Love the Wing collection

Fall in love with the not so obvious combination of Scandinavian style with wooden finishes and sides that resemble… wings.

What distinguishes the collection Wing

High backs

They will allow you to take a comfortable position.

Connecting fabrics

Create your own unique design.

Scandinavian design

Choose a style that has been popular for many years.


The universal body of furniture from the Wing collection will perfectly match any interior designed in any style. Wooden legs and soft upholstery will add charm to your space.

Simplicity, elegance, modernity

When creating the Wing collection, we wanted it to embody a delicate asceticism and elegance. The simple line and raw wooden legs made it extremely economical in form. Therefore, we decided to break its character by adding extravagant and fancy sides and allowing you to freely combine fabrics.

The Wing collection will fit perfectly into any interior, creating a complete picture. Wooden finishes will be perfect for classic houses, and the original sides will break the minimalist Scandinavian arrangements.

Set your mind on functionality

We know the importance of furniture in our everyday life. Their functional and aesthetic features create an atmosphere and give the interior a specific character. However, that’s not all we can expect from them.

The Wing collection will allow you to spend good time relaxing on the armchair and placing your legs on a comfortable footrest. You can lean your head on the sideboard, close your eyes and indulge in blissful pleasure. Regardless of whether you use it for work or rest, the comfortable softness of the seat will make you lose your head over heels for it.


WING leaflet
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