Is it possible to change the dimensions of the furniture?

The furniture is available only in the sizes specified on the specification of the product. We cannot change the size. Having in mind the quality of our products, we avoid selling “made to measure/order” furniture. However, we always provide our assistance to match products to your individual needs.

Yes. You can order the samples of the fabrics, using this form.

The best way to file a complaint is to contact the showroom or the distributor, where you made the purchase of the furniture.

You can purchase the Wajnert brand furniture at the company’s showrooms Wajnert Meble or at the partner’s showrooms. All needed locations and their addresses you will find here.

Yes, currently on the website you can see 39 fabric collections and their range of colors and hues. The full offer, meaning over 70 fabric collections and over 1000 colors, can be viewed by going to one of the showrooms or partner’s showrooms.

Each piece of furniture has an attached Product Passport, which contains the rules for use and maintenance of furniture. We highly recommend that you follow these recommendations for better protection and longer life of your furniture.

According to the Civil Code, The furniture of Wajnert are covered by a 2-year warranty.

The prices on the Wajnert Meble’s website are the recommended prices. However, each of the stores has a full freedom in setting their prices, at which Wajnert furniture is sold. Therefore, we suggest checking the prices with the appropriate stores each time. You can find the list of showrooms here.

Nasi Dystrybutorzy w dowolny sposób wybierają  meble na ekspozycje. Jest ona zmienna, aby nieustannie przedstawiać nowe inspiracje. Proponujemy, żeby przed wizytą w salonie skontaktować się z nim telefonicznie lub mailowo.

Distributors present models of their choice at their expositions. The furniture that is displayed in the showroom today can be bought tomorrow by the interested customer and, as a result, be replaced by a completely different sofa or corner sofa. To make sure that you will be able to see the piece of furniture you choose, we suggest a prior contact by phone or e-mail with the selected furniture showroom.

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