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Highly elastic foam

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Product details

Pouf can do a lot! It often plays the role of a light footrest or a low seat at a coffee table. However, we do not always remember about it when arranging space. We believe that even a small pouf is important in designing a dream lounge suite. The Hampton footstool is a small but important element that you can make-to-order in terms of the type of fabric, matching it to the currently owned furniture.

Our pouffe is available in many fascinating options that differ not only in appearance but also in usability. Many personalization options mean that you can order a pouffe in your dream color and have it upholstered in fabric that has valuable properties, e.g., allows you to easily remove stains. The precise description of the features of pouffe allows it to be adapted to many interior styles, both classic and modern.

Among the fabrics we offer, there are those that favor close contact with cats, dogs and other domestic animals. These specific materials are highly scratch-resistant and make hair removal easier. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a material obtained in the zero waste recycling process or choose a leather pouf that will emphasize the luxurious nature of the interior.

The Hampton collection includes lounging furniture, which should be supplemented with a comfortable pouf. Pay special attention to the modular elements, from which you can compose a unique corner sofa, with a sleeping function and a container for bedding or a relax function and battery operation.

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  • Width 65
  • Depth 65
  • Height 47
  • Seat height -
  • Seat depth -
  • Sleeping area- width -
  • Lenght -
  • Legs height -

Additional functions
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  • Movable headrest -
  • Ajustable backrest -
  • Movable headrest -
  • Combination of different fabrics no
  • Contrasting stitching no
  • Manual sleeping function -
  • Relax function -
  • Modular collection yes
  • Storage no
  • Available in leather yes

More informations
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  • Legs height -
  • Furniture weight 15
  • Construction of the backrest -
  • Construction of the seat -
  • Type of the wood in furniture conifer tree
  • Construction of the sleeping function -
  • Type of backrest cushion filling -
  • Type of sleep function -
  • Number of seats 1

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