Sofa with sleeping function Cali 120

SOF.3S 120 HR


5 900 

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Combination of different fabrics

Available in leather

Sleeping function

Comfort level

Choose your favourite (preferable) level of comfort. The more feathers you see, the more comfortable is the furniture.

Product details

Imagine a neutral sofa that has a timeless character and fits perfectly into a Scandinavian style of arrangement. Now think that the same three-seat sofa could complete the avant-garde interior due to the original combination of different upholstery. How is this possible? Find out about the wide possibilities of personalizing the Cali fold-out sofa, which is a coordinated piece of furniture, meaning that one can be upholstered by a combination of different fabrics. This model is equipped with an Italian frame and a high-resilience foam mattress where the frame allows you to easily unfold the Cali sofa, and the mattress provides greater sleeping comfort. The Cali line was created for people looking for timeless sofas and corner sofas with a sleeping function. The coordination option allows you to create a unique furniture.


Additional functions

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