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Product details

The Tango fold-out corner sofa is an ergonomic piece of furniture for the living room. This model is equipped with a segment with a dolphin folding mechanism and a module with a container for bedding, which means that the corner can change according to your needs. A design corner with streamlined shapes is available in many versions thanks to personalization of the color of the upholstery and its properties. When ordering the fabric, you don’t have to worry about matching it to the legs of the Tango corner, the silver-colored metal finish is universal. When designing the Tango extendable corner, we wanted both a captivating form and ergonomic properties. As a result, a corner was created that allows you to freely lie down in your favorite position and perfectly supports the key points of the body. It includes a sliding backrest that changes the depth of the seat, a mobile headrest and an adjustable side, these movable elements allow you to adjust the Tango corner to your individual preferences and body.


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