Corner sofa with relax function Tebe

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The “Tebe” sofa bed with a relax function is the quintessence of elegance and comfort. It is part of a modular collection, which allows the furniture to be individually adapted to the needs of any interior. Its movable headrest provides ideal support for the head, adjusting to the user’s preferred position. The corner legs, made of metal, add a modern touch and lightness to the furniture.

At the heart of the “Tebe” corner sofa is a combination of high-flexible foam and corrugated spring. As a result, the seat is not only comfortable, but also durable and retains its form over the years. The Italian design of the “Tebe” corner sofa is distinguished by its subtle lines and excellent sense of style, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the combination of functionality and aesthetics. Discover luxury and comfort in one – choose the “Tebe” corner sofa with relax function.


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