Sofas create a unique atmosphere at home. They encourage endless conversations, afternoon naps, or long movie nights. Made of good quality materials, they can be not only a trendy accessory, but above all a space for everyday life at your home. We are not taking the easy way, therefore we did not agree to any mistakes when creating furniture. We want the sofa that will stand in your home to fit the interior, creating an integral whole with the space. We know that to achieve this, we have to give you the ability for independent design, which is why we have also created modular sofas. The multitude of colors and shapes will surely satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes of your family. Depending on the selected collection, the sofas may have an adjustable headrest and armrests, which will not only increase the sense of comfort, but also maximize the space for resting. In addition, some of them have been equipped with a sleeping function, which will significantly facilitate the creation of a comfortable resting place for your guests. Fold-out sofas often also have built-in bedding containers, so they can be used as additional storage space. Are you looking for an elegant living room furniture that will not overwhelm the room with its size? Choose from selection of sofas without a sleeping function. They have been equipped with elegant legs that will give them grace and lightness. When choosing their type, you can choose the color and style, picking from different fabrics available. Lovers of classic solutions will also find something for themselves. Leather sofas, characterized by high durability and easy maintenance, are additionally extremely comfortable. Carefully contoured seat cushions and adjustable headrests will take you to the land of blissful rest, after a long day of hard work. Do you want to increase the comfort of relaxation? We will tell you that some of them are also equipped with adjustable seats. Our sofas are made of high-quality fabrics that can withstand even the sharpest claws of your pet and the extremely wayward behavior of the cup, the contents of which will be on the seat cushion. Contrary to appearances, upholstered sofas are also a perfect solution for allergy sufferers. Everyone will find something for themselves among the 1000 colors and textures that we offer. Would you like to see our sofas? Take a look at the collections: Archi, Austin, Barcelona, Cali, Clair, Davos, Ego, Imperio, Hampton, Kelly, Life, Modo, Oland, Salsa, Space, Tango, Wing, Edit, Reggio, Orlando, Mocca.