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Highly elastic foam

Combination of different fabrics

Corrugated spring in the sleeping function


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Product details

The Austin two-seater sofa with a sleeping function will be perfect as a comfortable piece of furniture in the living room and will play the role of a comfortable bed in the guest room. We have equipped it with two loose back cushions, a large container and high legs, which are made of black metal with a matte coating. This makes them suitable for any fabric from our extensive collection.
The timeless form of the Austin fold-out sofa makes it fit both classic and modern interiors. The spacious container can be used not only for storing bedding, but it also becomes a versatile storage box if necessary.
When choosing the fabric that we will use to cover your perfect sofa with cushions, you can choose not only in colors and patterns, but also in valuable properties. If you make decisions based on the environment, we recommend the collection of ECO or recycled materials.
The Austin sofas collection also includes variants without the sleeping function. When you have a large living room, we encourage you to combine different models to create a unique corner sofa.


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