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Modular collection

Available in leather

Adjustable headrest

Sleeping function

Corrugated spring in the sleeping function

Comfort level

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Product details

Designing a flat can be complicated if, due to the small size, you have to limit the size and number of lounge furniture. The solution that makes the most of the available space is the Kelly fold-out corner with a sleeping function and a bedding container. This model is a perfect replacement for an everyday bed and has a built-in storage space in which you can store any accessories. Kelly corner sofa bed provides relaxing moments at any time of the day. When designing a corner sofa for the living room, we took into account not only the soft filling of the seat cushions, the firm backrest and the comfortable armrest, but also the movable headrests. Adjusting the headrest allows you to adjust its angle to the neck and head of a person. The corner sofa can be folded out quickly and easily, creating a wide sleeping area for two people. Guest bedding may be stored in the container. In the Kelly modular collection, you will find other variants of corner sofas, armchairs, sofas and pouffes, from which you can complete unique furniture to your living room.


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