Bed Glame 140

LOZ.140 DW + STL.32_140


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The price is for a bed without a mattress. If you want to choose mattress, please contact one of our showrooms.

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The timeless Glame bed is adapted to a 140 cm wide mattress and is equipped with an eye-catching headboard, which we finished with decorative upholstery buttons. The simple form of the Glame bed and a wide selection of fabrics from which we can make a personalized upholstery make this model fit into any interior.
The perfect match of the Glame bed to the arrangement of the bedroom is made easier not only thanks to the rich pattern of fabrics, but also thanks to two types of legs. For the model without a bedding container, you can choose between wooden legs, which are available in different shades, and metal legs, which are finished with a chrome coating for a better look and higher durability. All the legs are up to 13 cm high, more than the average automatic vacuum cleaner with a mop function, allowing it to easily clean under the Glame bed and remove any dirt.
If your beloved pets have access to your bedroom, order the upholstery in a pet-friendly fabric that makes it easy to pick up lost hair and is scratch-resistant. For people who like breakfast in bed and for everyone who wants to keep the upholstery in perfect condition, we have created easy-to-clean fabrics, some of them have hydrophobic properties that prevent liquids from penetrating the upholstery and preventing stains. The Glame collection is a collection of beds that delight with their simplicity and universal design and are available with or without a container. Choosing that option will have an impact on the selected legs.


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