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Are you looking for a large living room furniture with a built-in container in which you can store some items? Meet the Hampton corner sofa with roomy storage, which is especially useful in small apartments and minimalist interiors. When ordering a Hampton corner sofa, you can take advantage of unique made-to-order options. We have an extensive color chart of fabrics with practical properties, thanks to which you can match the upholstery of the furniture to your interior and lifestyle.
Imagine you sit on corner sofa and turn on the TV to watch an episode of a show or indulge into a novel. You feel the soft but firm cushions, and the backrest and headrest perfectly support your back, neck and head so that you avoid slouching and tilting your head forward excessively. Such a pleasant dream can become a reality thanks to the Hampton corner sofa, whose strengths are adjustable headrests and filling that adapts to body.
Our collection includes both classic materials that are easy to clean and innovative water-repellent fabrics that prevent not aestetic staining of the Hampton corner. Its upholstery can also be made of pet friendly fabric, such as friendly to pets, or rather to their guardians, who are afraid of dirt or puffing of the material due to scratching with sharp claws. We also have natural leather and ECO fabrics, some of them come from recycling. You can also personalize the corner legs by choosing a metal or wooden finish.

The Hampton line also includes furniture for fans of technical innovations, like armchairs with a relax function, equipped with electric controls.


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